exclusive experiences

  • Explore behind the scenery with Tailored Spain’s exclusive Insider Access. Our experiences include visits to unique places such as private homes, ancestral homes, farms, palaces and more to experience the authentic Spanish culture as it unfolds. Some of these exclusive places are home to magnificent art collections generally inaccessible to the general public. Among others you may find pieces of art from Goya, Madrazo, Dali, Sorolla… Meet the owners of the houses and learn about the history of the most illustrious Spanish families directly from their descendants.

    Would you like to have a private dinner at a modern art style house built by one of the leading representatives of Modern Art in Catalonia and declared Monument of National Interest? We can do this for you. Ask us and we can organize a once in a lifetime experience. We have many other exclusive insider access experiencies, ask us and discover a different Spain with us!



  • Tailored Spain can offer unique and exclusive culinary experiences. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a Michelin star restaurant? If you are a culinary voyeur, then this is the experience for you. Tailored Spain gives you backstage access to Michelin star Chef Kitchen where you’ll have a front row seat to watch his culinary team in action while you taste the wonders of Spanish gastronomy.

    Ask us for our many other exclusive culinary experiences.


  • Shopping is a must when you are in Spain. With thousands of quality shops in every main city, Spain offers you varied and attractive options, from trendy shops, to the top luxury brands.

    If you are interested in Spanish fashion, Tailored Spain has the exclusive insider access to the most prestigious Spanish designer´s showroom’s (closed to the general public) where you’ll have the chance to see the new tendencies and try on their latest collections! You can even enjoy wine tastings at the Showroom’s savoring some of Spain’s best wines or we can even organize a fashion show with the designer’s latest collections. All this private, just for you.

    If you want to do some shopping, let our highly qualified Personal Shoppers take you to the best national and international Boutiques in Spain where you can find all the luxury and exclusive worldwide brands.

    Ask us for more of our exclusive fashion & lifestyle experiences!


  • Ribera del Duero Helicopter Experience

    The Ribera del Duero is one of the most prestigious wine regions in Spain, surrounded by the vast River Duero, which makes its way through Spain and Portugal and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. On this tour, you’ll be accompanied by an English speaking guide, who will lead you through the entire journey. You’ll discover different vineyards along with the rich history and culture. You’ll explore the Ribera del Duero’s golden mile, visiting 3 wineries. To top off your visit, you’ll take pleasure in a wine pairing lunch, combing 4 different types of wines and the traditional Castilian menu, of which the main dish is the tender “lechazo churro”, suckling lamb, roasted and served with salad, in a restaurant surrounded by wineries of the Ribera del Duero. On your way back to Madrid, overfly Peñafiel and its historic castle, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Turegano and the Sierra de Guadarrama. Views that are guaranteed to take your breath away!

    Ask us for other exclusive helicopter day tours such as Gourmet flights, golf & helicopter, more wine & helicopter tours around Spain, transfers, etc.

    Golfing Experiences

    Spain is synonymous with golf. There’s no way it couldn’t be, with its great climate, golf courses that offer layouts for every taste and views that take your breath away. Our exclusive Insider Access will give you the key to play at the most stunning Spanish Country Clubs! We can also take you to the highest technology Golf Performance Labs and to the best Professional Golf Clinics. When it is about golf, anything is possible in Spain! If your intention is to improve your handicap, or simply play the round of your life, Tailored Spain also offers you the unique and exclusive opportunity to take a private lesson with our Worldwide Professional Golfers! Just ask us for their availability.

    Exclusive driving Experiences

    Join us in our 4×4 off road experience if you are looking for “xtreme fun”! As each vehicle requires a unique driving style and technique, expert tuition is given, and whether you are a total beginner or an experienced 4×4 off road driver we have a fun and action packed day perfect for you to learn how to 4×4. All of our off road driving experiences are at specially selected locations where you will drive through, over and round terrain you wouldn’t have thought possible. Mud holes, gullies, sheer drops, severe slopes, deep ruts and slippery climbs await you for your 4×4 driving experience! End your day with a special meal including the best Spanish cuisine.

    Or do you prefer our Buggy Gastronomic Experience? Here you will drive a buggy Polaris RZR (buggies used for routes in deserts and ground rallies). Driving a buggy is really fun and exciting! Upon arrival at your off road racing experience, you will attend a drivers briefing on the rules and track conditions. Drive a real race buggy with an instructor riding with you as your navigator. You will get a video tape at the end so you will never forget such a once in a lifetime experience. End your day by having a meal at a one star Michelin restaurant. Motor, adventure and Gastronomy all combined in this exclusive experience.

    Would you like to drive a sports GT or Classic? There are days that are unique, stylish days, days full of adrenaline… We can personalized your day, the choice of the route and its restaurant will depend on your interests, but any choice will always be a success.

    Feel the rush of driving a Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren or Maserati from the city of Barcelona to Girona. A GPS on board will suggest you to take some stretches of the historic Rally Cataluña-Costa Brava before you reach your final destination: Lunch or dinner at A Michelin Star Restaurant.

    Acrobatic Experience

    Spain, with perfect flying conditions and many airports spread through its territory, is the ideal country for Acrobatic Flights. Tailored Spain offers you the opportunity to meet and fly with the best Spanish worldwide pilots -with more than 30 medals on international competitions, including a silver medal at the FAI World Aerobatic Championships and a European Championship!

    Get ready for an aerobatic adventure of a lifetime as your expert pilot safely shows you barrel rolls, loop the loops and many other acrobatic maneuvers. These aerobatic flying experiences are a perfect adrenaline fuelled day out for anyone who loves flying on the edge! The flight can be as wild or mild as you like; let the pilot fly or take the controls yourself if you dare!


  • Luxury in the skies: Discover Spain in a Private Jet 

    Travelling to Spain by hiring a private aircraft is an ultimate luxury experience. Experience a lifetime’s worth of adventure in one spectacular voyage. Our exclusive private jet itineraries travel to amazing places at every corner of Spain. Aboard a luxuriously appointed private jet, fly from one extraordinary destination to the next, enjoying a distinctive and exclusive private service. If you want to learn more about our private jet itineraries, feel free to contact us.

    Luxury in the sea: Discover the Balearic Islands in a luxurious yatch or sailboat 

    The Balearic Islands are the perfect place to experience the calm serenity the Mediterranean has to offer. Sustained by a tranquil climate, this awe-inspiring archipelago offers much more than just sun, sea and sand; the Balearic Islands are the ultimate Spanish island destination.

    We can organize an itinerary that will take you to all the islands while you relax in style and luxury. These gorgeous isles offer something for every mood, whether you want to swim, dive, and hike, or explore historic ruins and relax on a beautiful beach. Whether you’re a true sailing enthusiast looking for maritime adventure or just looking for a luxurious and comfortable vacation that caters to the needs of all your family and friends, a luxury yacht or sailboat offers something for everyone with limitless possibilities.

    Discover Insider Andalucía

    Exclusive isn’t always luxury. Explore a different Andalucia with us, experience how the locals live and immerse yourself in the Andalusian culture. Some examples of what you will experience in this itinerary: Visit a bull ranch and have a bullfighter teach you all the basics and even get the chance to see how a bullfighter dresses up which is a very important and intense moment for the bullfighter. Visit a traditional family run oil mill and enjoy a tasting while you admire the beautiful landscape and afterwards visit a local producer of the payoyo cheese and a local winery where you will taste exquisite wines. Discover the less known white villages and enjoy workshops such as a fan painting class, ceramic tile painting class, Spanish guitar class, cooking class, flamenco lesson, etc. Come and discover an off the beaten path Andalucia with us!

  • Would you like an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet with worldwide famous athletes or celebrities? This once in a lifetime Meet & Greet represents the ultimate VIP experience. With us, you will get to meet your idol. This Meet & Greet Experience is one you’ll never forget! Ask us if you are interested and reach out to the stars!